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GMH - 3 high temperature aid

I. Product Introduction

         In oilfield fracturing and acidizing treatment, the working fluid in operation after completion of the rapidly and completely discharge the ground, can not to the formation cause secondary pollution, to achieve the purpose of increase injection. But often due to work after the residual liquid surface tension is too high to completely discharge, add aid can effectively reduce the surface tension, increase the interfacial activity, be helpful for working fluid rapidly thoroughly flowback. In addition, in the working fluid to aid, can effectively reduce the interfacial tension, so as to facilitate the smooth working fluid injection.

II. Main Performance Index:


Technical indicators


Yellow or pale yellow liquid

Density (20℃,g/cm3


PH value


Water soluble, acid soluble

No turbidity, no precipitation

Interfacial tension (m N/m)


Surface tension (m N/m,0.2% Water dispersion system )


III. Application Method:

In the configuration fracturing fluid or acid, according to the design requirements to aid with directly into the fracturing fluid or in acid.

Ⅴ. Scope of Application

Fracturing and acidizing treatment, in fracturing fluid and acid to aid, can quickly and effectively reduce the interfacial tension, interfacial activities, which is beneficial to increase the intake well injection and quickly and thoroughly flowback.

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