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     Shanong guangmao chemical technology co., LTD. Is located in the beautiful and rich Yellow River delta, relying on the second largest oilfield in shengli oilfield, and China petroleum university and institute of the Chinese academy of sciences established many different forms of cooperation, has the abundant technical force, a number of independent development with independent intellectual property rights of the new technology. Company to oilfield fine chemicals development, production as the main direction, at the same time in oilfield operations, oilfield services, oil field environmental protection and new thermal insulation materials, etc and neck, and gradually developed into a field agent development production is given priority to, a variety of business of new science and technology enterprises. Company headquarters is located in dongying city west three way all the sincere age center, and the university of petroleum in the ShiDaJiao cooperation to build a new product research center, chemical branch is located in binzhou city chemical shore garden, heat preservation material branch built in a beautiful Yellow River delta nature reserve town, the company subordinate field technology service branch and prosperity environmental protection branch in domestic oilfield operations and solid waste treatment have a higher visibility, wide trade chemical technology co., LTD. In line with the principle of people-oriented, adhering to the science and technology is the first productive force belief, forge ahead, develops the innovation unceasingly, warmly welcome the man of insight and the company cooperation, for national development and make greater contribution.

     Our company adhere to the road of science and technology, is committed to high-tech product development and the domestic and foreign advanced technology and the introduction of product promotion, is committed to international and domestic production technology front, the products are exported to Canada, Colombia, Mexico and other countries.

     The company product quality, supply and pre-sale, sale and after-sale service, obtained the customer high praise. Warmly welcome the man of insight and the company cooperation, for national development and make greater contribution.

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