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FSA - foam stabilizer

I. Product Introduction

          FSA - foam stabilizer is by non-ionic and zwitterionic surfactant and a variety of chemical reaction compound with a chemical products, can through the enhanced surface active film strength and membrane elastic reduce membrane permeability, thereby enhancing foaming ability and foam stability noticeably, can enhance a variety of foaming agent products and air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and low pressure condensate gas formation of foam stability, high salinity, temperature resistance is strong, and other chemical additive has good compatibility.

II. Main Performance Index:

Melting point


PH value


Relative density (d420)


 refractive index (nd20)


III.. Application Method:

Can be used in cosmetic products increases soaks, oil field drilling and production with foaming agent firm bubble and so on many kinds of fields, has wide use of space, stable foam properties than similar products, widely used in many fields of foaming agent products.

Ⅳ. Package:

In plastic drum or galvanized iron drum packaging, 160 kg per barrel. Products in storage and transport and toxic substances shall not be consolidated, mix luck and piled up together. According to the transport of dangerous goods.

Ⅴ. Scope of Application

Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place, fire prevention, prevent bask in, prevent heat, moisture. Two years warranty.

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