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GCF-1 Concrete Foaming Agent

I. Product Introduction

           GCF - 1 foaming agent is my company developed the concrete foaming agent of new products. It is a by a variety of surfactant composition of chemical products, foaming ability and foam stability is good, is not sensitive to hard water, non-toxic, tasteless, no deposit, don"t pollute the environment. Using low concentration, foam stable performance.

II. Main Performance Index:



Appearance character :

Yellow or pale yellow liquid

density :


PH value :


solubility :

Miscibility with water

Using temperature :


Foaming volume (Ross):


half-life :


III. Application Method:

1, when used to use a certain amount of water dilution, then add the foaming machine foaming. The foam slurry and concrete in a blender fully mixed, poured into a mold or construction surface, natural curing can.
2, product consumption can increase or decrease with the product density changes, products increased density decreases, increase the density decreased.
3, per cubic foam concrete about 0.2 KG foam agent

Ⅳ. Package:

1, cast-in-place floor heating, roof insulation foam concrete;
2, all kinds of foam concrete products, including cement, gypsum, magnesium the three series,
3, low temperature foam concrete.

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