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Oily Sludge and Sand Mixing Technology

Clay sand direct blending technology introduction:
       My company in order to adapt to the oil field around the sludge sand processing requirements, according to the characteristics of clay sand which specializes in special equipment, will join the debond agent of sludge sand and general in accordance with the proportion of coal through the equipment power hybrid, make blended fuel, and then into the boiler or power plant it, and burned on the boiler and its accessories without any influence. This set of equipment set sludge mixed stirring, screening (filter sundry), transmission at an organic whole, realize the sludge blended fuel automation production, greatly reduce the cost of production. The mixed fuel intuitive can"t see clear sludge sand existence, through the detection sludge sand blended fuel and those of the mineral raw coal calorific value is quite.

Clay sand direct blending field


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