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The Cleaning and Incineration Disposal Technology for Oily Sludge and Sand

This technology is used to dispose and reuse oily sludge and sand based on its oil content and the source of oily sludge and sand. It has realized lower costs, higher efficiency and complete disposal, with detailed process shown as follows: 
Bottom sludge should be first tested of its oil content. The oil sludge and sand with oil content lower than 15% enters the solidifying mixer through the screw elevator and was made into coal-like fuel by mixing with the solidifying combustion adjuvant; add 30% coal as fuel for the heating system, with flue gas being disposed through the smoke disposal system and discharged. The produced slag will be used as the raw material of trinity mixture fill.
The bottom sludge and site ground oil with oil content higher than 15% will be extracted to recover partial crude oil which will go into the recovery tank. The mixture of sludge and water is dehydrated through the pressure filter, with filtered water going into the heating system for recovery and reuse and filtered sludge and sand being incinerated by solidification. This technology realizes the closed cycling and the purposes of energy saving, emission reduction, cost efficiency and higher effectiveness.

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