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A, nitrogen foam fluid sand wash, wash well technology
Field application case:
Delay flat and well, the well level period of 1180 meters, a U.S. company held sand washing construction, all because of formation leakage is serious, the export dont return fluid and construction not into; In March 2007, by using foam sand washing technology, successfully build cycle, the completion of the domestic well long horizontal well sand washing task, in prolonging oilfield have been well received.
Second, the nitrogen foam acidizing, pickling technology
Field application case:
The 527 well, this well for a production in 2003 in April 2007, 6 daily fluid 3.4 square, oil production 3 tons, April 7 daily output swoop liquid producing 1.1 square, oil production 0.97 tons. After I expert team analysis that because formation have congestion, caused by production fluid down; Decided to use foam acidizing technology were broken down. After the well construction on April 24, 2007 open well, initial daily fluid and party, 23 tons of oil production, by the accumulated liquid producing in October 4860 square, produce 3400 tons of oil, and the term of 6 months, the effect is significant.
Since 2008, my company in the domestic field implementation foam acidizing 120 well times above, the effective rate was 95%, the effect is significant.
Three, bottom hole pressure mixed row technology
Application effect:
In prolonging gas reservoir of majiagou group (gas well reservoir depth of about 4000 meters) delay 557 four well acidizing fracturing technology, the use of nitrogen foam speed exhaust process flowback. Flowback rate and m3 / h above, fracturing after eight hours average flowback rate in more than 85%.
Four, thick oil well huff and puff, profile control technique
The application case:
A well of shengli oilfield, located in the island east production in July 2005 and production began at first production for 15 tons/day. By early 2008, nissan crude oil is only 2.2 tons/day. Since August 2008 implementing measures, about seven days, through the steam huff and puff with nitrogen and high temperature foaming agent, nissan crude oil from 2.2 tons/day to eighteen tons/day. Obvious effect, increase yield significantly.
GMH - 1 high temperature foaming agent, resistance to high temperature of 300 degrees Celsius above, foam volume is big, good stability, resistance to salt resistant to high salinity, in domestic has reached the highest level ranks.
Five, gas well composite acidizing fracturing + nitrogen foam speed line technology
The application case:
November 8, 2012-10, 579 gas well to delay horse five layer on the acid pressure construction and nitrogen foam speed row. This well use and m3 foam liquid eliminate residual acid 80 m3, the use of nitrogen foam speed exhaust process to carry out residual acid 64 m3, flowback rate was 79%.
As of November 23, 2012, wellhead nissan volume 3000 m3 / d, wellhead production stability. So far oil pressure is 1.4 MPa, casing pressure 0.3 MPa.


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