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Reach the height of dewatering technology by making the paper sludge into granular fuel
Dongying guangmao chemical technology co., LTD   2013-01-21 19:21:23 作者:SystemMaster 来源: 文字大小:[][][]
Description of making the paper sludge into granular fuel
Special additive (efficient dehydrating agent)
As paper sludge has water content of about 80%, if it is directly treated by mechanical pressing, the dewatering effect and efficiency of filter pressing are not satisfactory. After adding the efficient dehydrating agent developed by our company, achieve rapid dehydration of sludge and preprocess the paper sludge before being pressed and also have a very good effect of desulfurization on the subsequent incineration.
Special equipment (gravity type of presser)
The gravity type of presser developed by our company has good stability and efficient dehydration. Based on many years of experiences in the solid waste treatment and in order to meet the requirements of paper sludge being made into granular fuel, the company has made a series of technological transformation to it and now it has become the special equipment for efficiently dewatering paper sludge.
The pretreated sludge enters into the presser for dewatering and the water content is 30%-40% after dewatering. The sewage is discharged into the processing system of sewage plant.

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