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Great achievements for GMH-1 high temperature foaming agent in the heavy oil throughput
Dongying guangmao chemical technology co., LTD   2013-01-21 19:20:51 作者:SystemMaster 来源: 文字大小:[][][]
     Heavy oil Well GDD25-8 is located in the eastern area of Gudao Oil Production Plant and it began to produce in July 2005 with the production of 15 tons / day. In the early 2008, the daily crude oil production was only 2.2 tons / day. From August, 2008, simulation measures were taken, for about 7 days, the daily crude oil production increased to 18 tons / day from 2.2 tons /day after steam stimulation with nitrogen and high temperature foam agent adding, with significant simulation effect. At present, the effect is lasting.

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