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Release agent

I. Product Introduction

                  This product is emulsion type silicone release agent, used for all kinds of plastic, rubber, polyurethane and EVA soles products release. No corrosion, no deposit, easy to flow exhibition, easy to clean, do not affect the products after processing, a coating can be used multiple times.

II. Main Performance Index:




Milky white liquid



Effective content



Water soluble organic silicone emulsion

The highest heat resistance


III. Application Method:

Ejection force strong, die not scale, product surface is bright and clean, no smell non-toxic, and other than in type release agent, silicone release agent has good stability and product appearance.

Ⅳ. Package:

1, before using, general diluted, specific dilution ratio should be based on product complexity and actual condition set.
2, in addition to other than water, please do not add any other additives in to concentrate.
3, in advance treatment or clean the mould, to normal processing temperature, spraying mold release 3-5 times, to ensure that the mold has uniform mold die forming.
4, each spray once, can release 3-5 times.

Ⅴ. Scope of Application

The 25 kg, fifty kg plastic drum packaging.

Please use the bucket sealing, of the diluted emulsion should be finished in three days, please send bucket in a cool place. Transport to avoid high temperature.

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