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I. Product Introduction

    Suitable for different types of crude oil demulsification dehydration, the partial products to note polymer flooding, binary and ternary composite flooding produced fluid processing requirements development, has the dehydration speed, water clear, dosage less, dehydration temperature relatively low characteristics. In shengli oilfield, the zhongyuan oilfield and xinjiang oilfield composite flooding and note polymer flooding produced fluid processing got very good application, to this kind of crude oil dehydration and dehydration after the water quality has the good effect. In addition, some products also can improve crude oil transport conditions, the crude paraffin also have better effect.

II. Main Performance Index:

Inspection item

Technical indicators


Homogeneous liquid, no mechanical impurity

Density ,g/cm3


Closed flash point ,℃


Freezing point ,℃


Kinematic viscosity ,(40℃)mm2/s


Relative dehydration rate ,%


Water phase condition

Disengage water QingZhuo degree and oil-water interface clarity is better than the reference sample and reference sample agreement

III. Application Method:

1, can quickly dehydration and desalting, also can viscosity and paraffin, anticorrosion have a dose of multiple effect function.
2, for different crude oil adaptability is strong, can use in low temperature conditions.
3, the use of low cost, and the current domestic traditional crude oil demulsifier, compared to the same crude oil processing effects, and achieve the same general than traditional crude oil demulsifier dosage less.
4, not only can fast desalting and dewatering, viscosity, prevent wax, also can have the purpose of corrosion protection, crude oil processing in the process of corrosion medium which has certain inhibition, the secondary anticorrosive reduced the burden. Thus can achieve the protection equipment, slow down the purpose of corrosion.

Ⅳ.  Package:
Products with clean, dry, sealed container to pack. The packaging shall meet the requirements of the long-distance transportation, specifications can be based on user needs to choose.

Ⅴ.  Scope of Application
In the process of transport should be light, light discharge, prevent fall touch, blasting sun and rain.
The product should be stored in a cool ventilated place, prevent water, pay attention to fire and far away from heat, storage period for two years.

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