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GMH - 4 acidification mutual solvent

I. Product Introduction

                 Acidification mutual solvent is based on field acidification construction technology requirements and developed a kind of acidizing treatment agent. It can reduce the surfactant adsorption loss, acidifying process formation fluid bead is easy to merge, can prevent oil water emulsion, accelerating flowback, keep the rock water wettability, restore or improve the oil phase permeability. In addition also has clean reservoir, remove organic tamper, improve the effect of acid treatment effect. Has good compatibility, make all kinds of acid additives play synergy effect, improve the work efficiency of acidizing fluid, to increase purpose.

II. Main Performance Index:




Physico-chemical performance index


Colorless to yellow liquid

density (20℃),g/cm3


Surface tension mN/m


Use performance


In the water (acid), oil can miscibility


And other additives adding water (acid), oil, no separation, no flocks and floater


Water wetting


Through core, and surface tension change value is no more than 5 mn/m

III. Application Method:

Put the product directly join acid, can also with diesel oil (oil well acidizing) or dilute hydrochloric acid (well acidizing) match into 10% of the solution.

Ⅳ. Package:

Used for oil and water well acidizing fluid, prevent the formation of acid and crude oil emulsion, can obviously improve the acidizing effect. This product can be dissolved and oil, and soluble and water, when it is more than a certain concentration, can make water and oil miscibility, so it can be used in many other aspects, to improve the solubility of liquid.
This product adopts 200 l steel drum packaging, each net weight (180 + / - 0.5 kg. Products in handling process, should beware of cast touch.

Ⅴ. Scope of Application

The product should be stored in a cool and well-ventilated area inside, for a period of two years. Overdue products such as after inspection still accord with a standard to ask still can continue to use.

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