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GMH-1 High-temperature Foaming Agent

I. Product Introduction

           The major characteristic of GMH-1 sulphosalts anionic surfactant is that it can maintain good chemical properties under high temperature conditions, and has good continuous foaming capacity with the decomposition temperature over 300℃. It can form foams through reaction with air, nitrogen or carbon dioxide. Due to its strong foaming capacity, high foam stability and strong temperature resistance, its capacity is superior to similar products and it has good compatibility with other chemical additives. In the process of steam stimulation or steam drive, foaming agent applied can inhibit channeling, modify the injection profile, improve the steam injection efficiency, extend the steam injection cycle, and enhance single well oil production.

II. Main Performance Index:

Test item



Brown, pale yellow liquid

PH (1% solution )


Water soluble

Immiscible with water

Solid content


Solid content

The half-life of t1/2 min


Use temperature     ℃


Resistance factor


III.. Application Method:

According to the mass concentration of 0.5-1% using ( or according to design requirements using ).

Ⅳ. Package:

The foam product is mixed with water and uniformly, and gas according to a certain proportion or intermittent injection can be injected at the same time, can also be injected with steam.

Ⅴ. Scope of Application

Mainly used for the three production of foam flooding, cyclic steam injection, steam flooding, but also can be applied to the field of foam drilling, foam acidizing, profile control and water shutoff, foam drainage gas recovery and other fields.

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