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Technical Specification and application method for concrete foaming agent ( cement foaming agent)
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   Cement foaming agent: it refers to an admixture which can reduce the liquid surface tension, and produce a large number of uniform and steady foams to manufacture foaming cement. It is an animal and plant compound fatty acid made of animal and plant protein and fillers. As the compound body in water solvent is neutral, it is a safe and environment-friendly product and will not cause harm to the human body.
   Application methods and precautions: construction units should lease or purchase special cement foaming machine; during operation, mix in the foaming machine at the referenced proportion of materials provided by the manufacturer,  pump to the construction site or mould for pouring. The quality and proportion for foaming cement are related to the quality of foaming agent and foaming machine as well as operators’ level of skills. Apart from the above factors, seasonal temperature, water quality, cement grade also affect the quality of foaming cement product. The construction units should seek the optimized construction techniques on the basis of exploration and test.
   The following empirical parameters are obtained according to the internal test and on-site construction 

Volume weight of forming cement product (kg/m3)

Cement (kg)

Water (kg)

Foaming agent (kg)




0.3 or so




0.3 or so




0.3 or so

Mixture ratio :  

●Cement:         Water  

1kg  :0.6~0.7 

●Foaming agent:     Water 

1kg  : 50~60kg

Note: the above empirical values are the test results taken during product testing and at construction site for reference only. During construction, the proportion of materials on site, construction conditions, operating season and other factors should be taken into consideration. It is recommended that before construction, the related process tests for foaming cement should be conducted in order to achieve good quality of construction. If you have any questions about the foaming agent, please contact the company and we will provide good after-sale services.
   Foaming cement precipitation test:
   It is recommended that the construction units should do precipitation tests to forming cement before construction. Fill the foaming cement into the transparent container (with scale or no scale) with internal diameter of 145mm and height of 300mm till the level of cement slurry is as the same as that of the container lip. Observe after standing for 2 hours. In any case of the following situations:
The level of cement slurry goes down more than 1cm along the lip.
   The level of water deposited at the bottom of the container (row materials are separated due to the wrong proportion of cement and water) and the volume of deposition from the top are over 1cm.
The bubbles of foaming cement in the middle and lower parts of the container are too little or even nothing. 
   The construction technicians should pay attention to above conditions and adjust the foaming cement formulations or process parameters so as not to cause loss due to project quality accidents or low qualified rate of model products.
Performance advantages for foaming cement:
   The foaming cement is a cement product with unique technology and high quality, having many applications in constructional engineering, and mainly used for floor heating insulation, roof insulation and wall insulation. Compared with the traditional cement works, foaming cement has following outstanding performances:
   Light weight-the density of foaming cement is 1/2-1/5 of the ordinary cement and thus can make the building load reduced.
   Heat insulation –the heat insulation effect is 20~30 times higher than that of the common cement.
Resistance to pressure- compression strength is more than 0.25Mpa. The foaming cement with different strength can be produced according to the requirements.
Sound insulation- containing a lot of bubbles which are uniformly distributed, the capacity of sound-absorbing of foaming cement is about five times higher than that of the ordinary cement.
Flame resistance-the foaming cement is a fully incombustible material and it meets the common fire control requirements.
   Integrity-as all foaming cement, floor structure and packing layer have concrete performance, the whole adhesiveness is good.
   High efficiency-with one time whole pouring, the speed is fast and the quality is good.
Environment-friendly-with no toxicity, taste and volatility, it will not be harm to human body.
Engineering Application
   Floor radiant heating: floor heating insulation layer.
Wall insulation: Cast-in-place , spray wall insulation layer of foam concrete and build foam concrete block.
   Composite wall panel: fill wall body in the frame structure for insulation or make composite wall panels with thin steel plate.
   Foundation backfill : compensate the fill layer of foundations, roads , bridges , tunnels  and large structures.
   Retaining walls: use in highway slope, subgrade, river banks and ports and mainly act as shore wall for port.

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