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Cement foaming Insulation Board Products

       Product background: building insulation energy-saving environmental protection conform to the trend of development of social history, but energy saving at the same time, flammable insulation materials, improper use to the people"s life and property to bring the huge loss, the ministry of public security and away [2011] 65 requirement: all the design of insulation materials and civil building, which shall be the outer insulation materials into combustion performance review and acceptance content. In the new standard issued the first, the civil construction outer insulation materials used in the combustion performance for A class of materials.


  My company is specialized in the class A fire foam insulation board and new materials research and development (patent no. : 201220098097.0), production and sales. The company in line with "customer first, quality first" principle, the comprehensive domestic similar products, the advantages of the stale and bring forth the fresh constantly developed accord with environmental protection requirements of the new thermal insulation material, the company products in all parts of the country have rapid promotion, favored by the vast number of customers" high praise. The company and the customer sincere cooperation, a total plan development.

1. Product introduction
GM - type A foamed cement insulation board is cement, fly ash as main raw material to patent formula cementing materials and foaming agent for materials, the use of advanced production equipment and the craft is refined but become. Choose foamed cement insulation board as insulation materials, can effectively thermal insulation, fire prevention, and at the same time also has simple construction, environmental protection low carbon etc, and fully meet the different regions in our country building energy efficiency design standards.
Inorganic foam fire insulation board fire rating for A class, refractory degrees above 1000 ℃; Low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, high compressive strength, not easy to disintegrate, accord with refractory integrity; Light, foam concrete plate density in the 100-300 kg/m3 between; Cohesive force strong, simple construction, with buildings with life etc; Environmental safety, without harmful gas emissions, construction process and use process will not produce adverse effect to the environment; Do not produce flying dust on human skin and respiratory damage material; On the market at present is the use of polystyrene board, extruded board, polystyrene particles insulation mortar organic exterior wall thermal insulation material the ideal alternative products.
2. Product use
Foamed cement board now has been widely used in large span industrial workshop, warehouse, mainframe garage, stadiums, exhibition hall, the airport, large public facilities, housing and residential sandwich, civilian residential wall insulation, and other areas of construction engineering, and to overcome the previous use of foam insulation materials produced by the poor insulation, heat transfer rate is high, producing crack faults.
3. Product index














Dry surface densityKg/ m3




thermal coefficientW/(m*k)




Compressive strengthMpa




Bending strengthMpa


Tensile strengthMpa


Softening coefficient  %


Bibulous rate    %


Frost resistance    %







Combustion performance

Class A non-combustible


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